Sunday, August 3, 2008

To Everything There Is A Season

This Cow Parade (Houston, 2001) lady is named “Four Seasons.” She is so beautiful I had to show you both sides of her.

Today is Sunday, so I went to church. Worship always gets me in a reflective mood. Today, after church, several members of the family went out to lunch. I had the chance to visit with my youngest son, William. He is very interesting to talk to and offers great insight on many subjects. He made me think about how life changes. He is 29 years old now. He is grown. My role in his life has changed. That is okay. It's good that we have different seasons in our lives. "There is a time to every purpose under heaven." But William is not my only son.
The darling baby riding on his rocking horse is my first son, Lawrence. He was born in May of 1977. He is 31 yers old now and he is autistic. He became very ill when he was 10 days old and ran a high fever for many days. I begged God to save my baby, and He did. As the seasons came and went it became apparent Lawrence was not developing like other babies his age. "Not reaching the milestones," is what they said. It's a long story, but a wonderful one. God must have known I'd be happy to have a little boy for the rest of my life, because he blessed me with Lawrence.
Here is is on a horseback ride in Montana. Don't worry I'm not far away. He is my buddy and I love to go places and do things with him. Seeing the world through his eyes is a special treat. So even though the seasons of my life are moving on, Lawrence always keeps me in the sunshine.


Nanny Tucker said...

Thank-you for your nice comments. You have a unique and beautiful blog! I enjoyed reading about you & your family!

Lyndsey said...

Sounds like you are blessed with a wonderful son. And sounds like he was blessed with a mom who is perfect for him. Thanks for the comment on my blog...I had to visit yours!