Monday, August 4, 2008

"Corn on the Cow"

"Corn on the Cow" from Cow Parade (West Hartford, CT, 2003) would like to introduce you to some of her most ardent admirers. They are from left to right in the middle: Kathy, Bill, Cindy, and Jim. On the bottom, we have Harland and Dawn. That's my adorable Bob in the back. We were over at Bill and Kathy's Saturday night. What a bunch of good sports they were to pose for the sake of the blog. I do have some moo-moo-moovelous friends!
I found this old photo in the archives. The family was camping in the Smokies back in the late 90's. We roasted corn on the cob in the fire. It was so delicious. I don't know what I had on my head, but I do remember it getting very chilly in the mountains at night. The fine old gentleman wrapped up in the blanket is Chuck. He is Nancy's Dad. Chuck has gone on to heaven now, but we all have many great memories of times we shared with him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed yours, as well. I was excited to see your Cows on Parade as I collect them and love them and think they are just "moo-tiful".

Are you planning on taking a cruise soon? We are saving up in hopes to go on a Hawaiian cruise in a few years. :-)

Stop by again soon, and nice to "meet" you!

Nanny Tucker said...

I love the "Cows on parade"!! Our family loves corn-on-the-cob too!
Take care!