Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Cowdolier" Brings Back Memories

Cow Parade (Kansas City, 2001) presents "Cowdolier." In the summer of 2005 when we cruised the Mediterranean we actually got to spend the night in Venice. We had so much fun exploring the city, but the must-do-tourist-thing is, of course, the gondola ride. I have soooo many pictures of the sights in Italy. I get a big kick out of looking back at them. I will call this shot, The Token of All the Venice Canal Photos.

The gondola ride was nice. Bob and I rode with Larry, Nancy, and Colton. Our gondolier didn't sing, but he did have a fellow gondolier who sang loudly enough for us to hear. He just steered our gondola right up beside the others and one guy sang to everybody. It's efficient, if it isn't romantic. A gondolier's got to do what a gondolier's got to do!

It was a wonderful night in Venice.

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Ky Woman said...

Grandma Faith,

Such a fabulous life! Thanks for taking me along...