Friday, August 1, 2008

"Beehive Bovine" Brings Back Memories

I am feeling nostalgic today, thinking about how I'm getting so old, remembering the good old days. Looking at old pictures can be a lot of fun. When I found this picture of my mother and her sisters it made me think of one of my favorites from Cow Parade (Houston, 2001), "Beehive Bovine." Even if you aren't a baby boomer, you have heard of this hairdo.

This photo of my mother and her sisters was taken in the sixties. From left to right: Macie Lee, Elizabeth, Beatrice, Grace (my mother) and Myrlene. They are in order from the youngest to the oldest.

This picture was taken in 2005. These ladies are all great grandmothers now. They are still looking fine, but they don't have beehives anymore. This time from left to right: Myrlene, Beatrice, Elizabeth, Macie Lee, and Grace.

When I look at this picture, I feel better. I come from good stock. My mother is eighty-one, and she is still going strong. All of her sisters are alive and well. Maybe I don't have one foot in the grave after all.
This is my daughter, Kellie, (Please forgive me) back in 1990. She was about 16 years old. This was the way all the really cool girls styled their hair. Looks somewhat kin to the beehive, doesn't it? You know she hated those braces, but her smile is perfect now. I love you, Kellie.

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