Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to William!

Cow Parade (West Hartford, CT, 2007) presents "Happy Birthday to Moo." She is representing the entire herd to wish William a Happy Twenty-ninth Birthday.
He was born on a beautiful afternoon, July 31, 1979. As has always been his style, he gave his mother no trouble at all. Labor and delivery were too easy to be true. He was such a good-looking baby, and the more he grew, the better looking he was. He was such a good baby, and the more he grew, the sweeter he was.

As William grew, he continued his education. First he graduated from elementary school (1990), then high school (1997), then Georgia Tech (2000). He was always a great student, a good athlete, and a joy to his mother.

As an adult he continues to be a good son. He married a beautiful, loving wife, Gina (2004) who is a daughter after my own heart. They have a family of their own to raise now, two precious daughters, Abigail Elizabeth and Amelia Grace.
Today on my baby's birthday, I pay tribute to a mighty fine son. I love you and wish you many more happy years.
(P.S. You know I have so many pictures; I hope you like the ones I chose.)

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Katie said...


I just wanted to leave you a note saying that I stumbled upon your blog and really like it! I love the way you use your cows to tell stories about your family!