Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Nicole's Dream of Peace"

It's a lazy Saturday around here for me, nice and peaceful, so I decided the cow-of-the-day would be Cow Parade (Harrisburg, PA, 2004) cow, "Nicole's Dream For Peace." She was created by the employees of Coin Wrap in honor of the US coin, the "Peace Nickel." Tranquility and Peace radiate from the blue background, and the peace signs and clouds combine for a dreamy ambiance. Whenever I see the peace sign, it reminds me of my teenage days. Peace and Love, man. . . .

I never was a hippie, but I did dress up like one for spirit day at school back in about 1991.(Yes, children, Grandma's hair was long back then. I went to a lot of trouble to get it curly, too.) It was fun to dress up like a hippie. My students got a good laugh. That's a fun memory, but hippie peace is not what I'm talking about. I have a dream for peace, real peace. I long for peace of mind. I want to know my children and grandchildren have peace within themselves. We may not be able to have peace on earth, but we can have peace in our own hearts and minds, can't we? What's wrong with an old lady wanting her babies to be happy?

So, that is my prayer this day. I want all the people I love to have Peace Like A River. When my family is happy, I am happy. So make me happy, love one another, live in peace! Life is too short to spend even a minute disgruntled. God Bless Us Everyone.


gina said...

All peaceful in our world. We don't mind the noise our two children make! -William

Grandma looks cute. I love you. - Abigail

Anonymous said...

Amen to that.

I love all your cows and how you connect them to your life stories. :-) I ran out of room in the place I display mine and need to find a new place so I can get more.