Friday, August 15, 2008

It's a Magical Day with "MOOlin' the Wizard"

"MOOlin the Wizard," Cow Parade (West Hartford, CT, 2003) is today's cow-of-the-day. As I was cooking breakfast this morning, Myra, Lawrence's boss rang the doorbell. She told me that Lawrence is doing extremely well with his work crew. She thinks it is time to move him up to supported employment. Over the next few months she is going to be to pushing him toward that goal.

As I sat eating my breakfast, looking at all the cows, I could not help but think, "The work that Myra has done with Lawrence is magical." Then I thought of all the wonderful people who have worked with him in his life. He started at the School of Hope when he was only two years old. His first teacher was Kathy. She worked miracles with him. When he was in public school at Silver Sands, so many wonderful people worked with him. When he was 21 he finished school, and I didn't know what would happen to him. Now look, we continue to be blessed with a fabulous teacher.

Lawrence loves to go to work. He has great friends. I am so happy for him. I have a heart full of hopes and dreams for him.
Being his mother is not always easy, but it's always interesting.
Today, yes today, I feel the magic of his success. Actually, I feel the power of God's many blessings in our lives.

May God continue to bless Myra and the work she does with these precious folks.
God bless you, Lawrence, as you grow ever more independent. As you always say, "I'm a grown man, Mom."

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gina said...

I remember the day he graduated from Silver Sands. It seems like it was yesterday, but it's been a long time now. Been fun in between.

Lawrence looks very cute and he's very nice. And I love you a lot Grandma. -Abigail