Monday, August 18, 2008

"Moomaid" Sends Congrats to Michael Phelps

"Moomaid" from Cow Parade (Kansas City, 2001) joins with the rest of the world to congratulate Michael Phelps for winning eight gold medals in the Olympics. We all think he is amazing, but Moomaid is just beside herself. She thinks he's the man she has been looking for all her life. Do you think he has a girlfriend?

I cut this picture out of the newspaper this morning. This young man is in the news all over the place. He is quite a celebrity, but, from what I can gather, he is still a great, friendly guy.
I found a couple of photos in the family archives that bring back mermaid memories.
Here is Lawrence in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with a billboard. I believe it was advertising haircare products. Don't you love that hairdo?

Then we see Macie with Ariel in her Grotto at the Magic Kingdom in DisneyWorld. I believe she was about five years old when I had to stand in that long line for this photo and autograph. Not to worry, it was well worth it.
Moomaid was present in Atlanta in 2003 for the Cow Parade, so I posed with her for Bob to snap this lovely picture. Oh, the memories!


Anonymous said...

I love that you have a picture of the read Moomaid! You are totally inspiring me to do a few posts on my Cow collection, too! Do you own all the cows that you post? If so, do you display them all together or do you have them strategically placed throughout your home?

Grandma Faith said...

All my 194 cows are displayed in three cabinets in the dining room. They are behind glass doors, safe from so much dust. I photograph each one on her special day. It's all about entertaining the grandchildren. "That's my story, and I'm sticking to it." Thanks for your sweet comments on the blog. I'm looking forward to your cows coming out to play in blog land.