Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cow Parade is Fun for Sure!

This Cow Parade (New York City, 2000) cow is called "Daisy's Dream." She is jumping up to catch a frisbee. Maybe she is dreaming she is a dog. Who knows? Maybe she is just retired and all she has to do is play around all day. I know it was my dream to retire from teaching while I was still healthy enough to play frisbee. My dream came true! I have having soooo much fun enjoying my retired life with my family and friends. I enjoyed teaching and I could not have had a more wonderful career, but it did demand a lot of my time and energy. I had a great time working, but not as great a time as I'm having now!
My family has the real cows up on the farm, but I have the cow parade cows here in Florida. I am the proud owner of 193 Westland Cow Parade figurines. They are so cute; they tickle my fancy. I have been able to go to the actual Cow Parade in Atlanta and Monte Carlo. I had such a blast seeing the life-sized cows. Collecting the cows is a bit of an obesession for me. Since I am now a bit hooked on blogging, I have decided to mix the two compulsions. I will feature one of my cows every now and then in the blog.

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