Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Dancing Diva"

Today's Cow Parade (New York City, 2000) cow is "Dancing Diva." She is the premier cow of my collection. My son William and his wife Gina gave her to me for Christmas in 2003. She is my soul sister. I really can't dance, but I sure do love to try. If the music's playing my foot is tapping, and lots of other parts of me are probably moving, too. All this to the great embarrassment of my family.

Even at the early age of four I was already making my mark on the world as a dancer.

The only thing I can remember about this experience is that the tap dance outfit itched very badly. I wasn't happy about having to wear it at all. That experience ruined tap dancing for me.

Fifty years later I'm still a dancing diva, as you can see, at the Horizons Christmas Party. Lawrence obviously inherited all his dancing talent from me. His buddy Pat has some cool moves, too. Life is too short not to dance, dance, dance! Here is further evidence of my dancing ability. We were all on a Mexican Riveira cruise in October, 2004, when Lawrence, Macie, and Grandma entered a dance contest. You can see Macie also inherited my dancing gene.

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