Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Being Half Poodle Isn't Half Bad

This Cow Parade (Houston, 2001) darling is called "French Moodle." She makes me think of Kellie's family's dog.
His name is Oodie. He is four years old now. One of his parents was a standard sized French poodle, and the other one was a golden retriever. He is a fine dog, very sweet and lovable; he is just a big old stuffed animal.

Here he is begging Connor not to put him in the water. He was okay just to stand on shore and watch everybody else playing in the water. Connor didn't throw him in after all. "Good Master," says Oodie.

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Anonymous said...

You are right Faith! Oodie is just like Katy. They ARE the same breed. You've described her pretty well too..she is an overstuffed animal, very sweet and lovable. I've seen a few of them around now since meeting Katy. Unfortunately she's not mine...but I see her often enough. :o)
She's a good girl.