Friday, July 11, 2008

Let's Go Shopping

With our Cow Parade (London, 2002)"Alphadite, Goddess of Shopping" as our inspiration we went on a shopping trip to the Santa Rosa Mall. Macie was spending the day with me and we decided this would be a good chance to go to the mall. We called Gina, Abigail and Amelia, and they joined us at Panera Bread for lunch and then on to the mall we went.

The girls all had a great time picking out their new fashions. Amelia might be the youngest, but she definitely knows what she likes.

I had so much fun watching them shop. I am glad they all have such good taste. I liked everything they selected. Could a grandma possibly have granddaughters any more beautiful than mine?
This day was just perfect. I enjoyed shopping with these girls so much. I hope we go shopping many more times. Thanks girls!

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gina said...

It's great to see all of my girls out shopping! I wish I could have been there with you, but I definitely prefer seeing it on the blog to experiencing it live.

We had a blast! Thank you so much.

I want to go shopping with her many more times. I love grandma.

It was fun.