Friday, October 3, 2008

Moozaic Art

First of all, here is my pink post for October. This hibiscus flower was blooming right outside the store I am going to show and tell today. It's so beautiful; I just had to take its picture. It makes me happy just to look at it. Let's all support breast cancer awareness this month by posting something pink every day!

"Moozaic" from Cow Parade (Kansas City, Missouri, 2001) is the cow-of-the-day for today. She wants to show off the front of one of my favorite stores. It's the fanciest Goodwill store I have ever seen. To enter the store you walk through these archways that are covered with all kinds of broken bits of pretty things. They are very artistically arranged. The unused doors down on one side have marbles where the windows used to be. The front windows are covered with some interesting flower art made out of metal. It is very artsy in an unusual kind of way. I always get a kick out of seeing it. Not to mention, I am always excited about finding hidden treasure inside the store. I hope you enjoy my Show and Tell mosaic pictures.


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful hibiscus flower and a perfect one to support breast cancer awareness. Wow that is quite the mosaic store. I wonder how long it took do that job? Your mosaic cow is just in style too. I am so interested in mosaics right now...I can see a project attempt coming up soon.
Thank you for sharing..

Grammy said...

I love the Moozaic, It is amazing how it can be done in so many ways. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

How very interesting - thanks for sharing! I enjoyed seeing the different design.

Dianne said...

That is awesome mosaic work! I bet part of the fun of that was watching the artist in action. I've done little projects, and it's a fun hobby.
I had red and yellow hibiscus, never see too many pink ones. So pretty.
Your cow is pretty too.
Going for the mam at the end of the month.
Thanks for dropping by my blog too.

Earthmommy said...

I love hibiscus and this one is so beautiful! My sister recently battled breast cancer so this cause is close to my heart. Also, I love mosaic art! Thanks for visiting Shore's End!

Jen said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Manuela said...

That IS the fanciest Goodwill entrance ever! But I love it! I love mosaics and have done a little but I can't imagine doing anything so huge!