Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pink Saturday Picture and Flower Arrangement

Don't hesitate to join in the Pink Saturday fun.
This Saturday I am featuring a wonderful print signed by the artist. Her name is Beki Killorin and she is from Oklahoma. The painting is titled Jazzed for Summer. I took the following quote from the information on the back of the picture:
Her style brings a contemporary look to familiar subjects, imbuing birds, flowers and other images of the natural world with a unique life and spirit. Each work receives her special imprint...a small red dot that precedes her signature. It is an acknowledgement of God's ever-present and lasting love and an affirmation of the wonder of His creation.

I bought this picture at an auction raising money for Special Olympics. Using it as my inspiration I arranged the flowers in the other photo to compliment my picture. The vase is actually a plant. My husband says he thinks it is a palmetto bush. I bought it in a thrift store, so I really don't know what it is. It looks like all the stems have been cut off evenly. It was top heavy, so I turned a nut bowl upside down and super glued it on. I really like the effect. I shopped around for silk flowers as close to the print as I could find, and voila, my creation. It is sitting in the floor across from the Killorin print in the dining room where all the cows from Cow Parade live.

Now go to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound, and check out nearly 100 pinkies who are graciously showing their pink today. Beverly has hosted this Pink Saturday event for some time now. Thank you dear Beverly for all the work involved in this parade of pink treasures.


@mroe said...

Wow! Its amazing to see you, my honour still give more knowledge although she have been retired.
thanks for inspiration

kari and kijsa said...

A beautiful print! Thanks for sharing!
We are also having a giveaway to celebrate our one- year of blogging!!! So much fun today!!''blessings,
kari & kijsa

Beverly said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday.

I love your art, and I think it is wonderful that the artist shares her faith through her work.

Jeanne said...

Grandma Faith, how nice that you supported Special Olympics with your lovely picture. Your vase of flowers is lovely too. Go pink.

Hugs, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful piece of art and I loved your floral design that was inspired by it. Hope your Sat. if filled with beautiful Pinkness! dana

bj said...

Such a lovely painting...I can see why you are so proud of it.
And, I love your pretty flower arrangement, too...
love, bj

Suzie Button said...

You did a wonderful job arranging your flowers to complement the picture! Happy Pink Saturday!

Becky said...

That is a lovely print.
Come visit me

Anne Fannie said...

Hello Grandma Faith, its nice to meet you on PINK Saturday! I love your print and flower arrangement!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Love, Ann

Jennifer said...

Hello Faith Thank you for coming to visit me.I love your floral design and the print is very pretty!Happy Pink sat,Jen

Anonymous said...

I am still smiling for your words in earlier post, where you said something like your dress is coming closer . . . :)
This pink post is beautiful, the painting and your flowers together make a wonderful entirety ( sorry, my poor English, I hope you can understand )
Have a happy weekend!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you! Your painting is lovely, along with the flower arrangement.

And thanks for the warm welcome and comment you left on my blog regarding my coffee filter roses and ticket bowls *smiles*.

Patricia said...

Beautiful Print! I really enjoy visiting your blog. Have a great day.

splummer said...

Beautiful picture and vase of flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment. The book is really good! Take Care!!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Beautiful artwork and saying. Love your vase also!

Happy Pink Saturday!


KatCollects said...

Happy Pink Saturday!!!

ellen b. said...

What an interesting looking vase you put the arrangement in. You've got me curious. :0)
The picture is very pretty...

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
Thank you for sharing the quote behind the picture, its lovely and how nice to do the matching arrangement as well.

Thank you for dropping my blog also. I came back to see your cow displays and checked out the cow parade. That is so amazing. A lovely collection.

Hope you are having a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
Thank you for sharing the quote behind the picture, its lovely and how nice to do the matching arrangement as well.

Thank you for dropping my blog also. I came back to see your cow displays and checked out the cow parade. That is so amazing. A lovely collection.

Hope you are having a lovely day.

Brown-Eyes said...

Such a pretty post and interesting read with it...thanks for sharing!
;-) Bo

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Your arrangement and print are just lovely....always nice to share your them
Mo :-)

Melissa Wertz said...

What a lovely print and flower arrangement! Happy Pink Saturday!


Happy Pink Saturday,

Lovely PINK flower arrangements!

~ Gabriela ~

Smilingsal said...

A beautiful print and a beautiful thought behind it! Happy Pink Saturday!

Susan Hickam said...

Lovely painting and wonderful arrangement of flowers. Love your cows too! Happy Pink Saturday

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Beautiful print and flower arrangement!!! you, too!!! (or whatever it was you said...I'm still ROFLOL!!)


g said...

Hi, Faith. It is so great that you are supporting your local artists! I love the fact that you not only have the print, you also pay homage by reworking it as a flower arrangement.

Creativity is ever-expanding, don't you think?

and - thanks for linking to the Cow Parade. A great reminder!!!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Nihal said...

Smiling Hello Faith:)
The world as itself stands to be an endless inspiration for all of us -if we want to see. It's clear where you get your power to make such a pretty nice flower arrangement.
Many many thanks for your kind visit to my home and your very lovely note, please come back again.
Btw, I liked your name 'Faith', how meaningful and gorgeous name!!!

Hope you have a blessed Sunday & Have happiest of Happy Pink Weekend.

~N at CrossRoads

KarenHarveyCox said...

Such lovely artwork, and your arrangement is beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

Mya said...

How beautiful and what a great cause.

Anonymous said...

Beatuiful picture and flowers...lovely Pink Satureday Post....Thanks for stopping have a wonderful week...I add you on my list...Smiles Katherinellen