Friday, September 12, 2008

"Pull Toy" For The Fun Of It

This beautiful Cow Parade (New York City, 2001) figurine is called "Pull Toy." Her wheels actually roll as you pull her around by her rope. She gets to be the cow-of-the-day because she makes me think of all the toys you see for sale at yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and all those kinds of places where I love to shop. I have enjoyed other people's blogs about their treasures, so I decided to blog about some of mine.

A couple of years ago Bob and I went to Tampa with some of our friends. The fellows went to a gun show, and the girls went "antiquing," that's what we call junk shopping. We ate lunch in the sweetest little cafe called Limoges. I decided I needed some Limoges china to commemorate the occasion. Any excuse, is a good excuse, I always say. Anyway, I finally have three gorgeous plates and the red rose rack to display them. I didn't find them all at the same place, and it took over a year, but I am satisfied with the results. I don't know if you are supposed to put plates in the bedroom or not, but I have used pink and red roses for the decor in my bedroom, so that is where they are.

I saw a chair like this one in an antique store one time, and I really liked it, but not for the price. Then one Saturday I went to a yard sale, and the lady had this chair for sale. It didn't have a seat in it. I asked her how much she would take for it, and she said I could have it for nothing. "Free," I said. She said, "Sure, it isn't good for anything, anyway." I then began collecting old men's ties, with red and pink, of course. I finally had enough to weave the bottom of the chair. I really love this old chair, and it didn't cost me $100. The three pictures beside the chair actually hang on the wall above the chair. I got them at the Junkyard Dog, our Humane Society thrift store. They are Japanese prints with little birds on them. I think they pick up on the three circles theme I started with my plates.

I bought this tall plant holder at an estate sale. The lady said her father made it. I admired the workmanship. I know it took a lot of patience to glue each one of the pieces of wood together into such an intricate design. She said her mother used it to hold an ashtray. I think it is a beautiful plant stand. The picture on the left is showing the arrangement I have above my kitchen sink. I really wish I had a window there. I thought and thought about what to do. Finally I found this picture at the Agape thrift store. I found a frame that I thought flattered it. I said to Bob, "I don't know why I like that picture so much. He said, "I know why; it's because it's a picture of your things." I began to look around. He was right. I had things like that around the house. So began the putting-of-things-on-the-shelf. I have become somewhat obssessed with trying to match the picture exactly. When I find another piece that matches better than the one I have, I have to get it. It's all for the fun of it!


gina said...

I need to do some "treasure hunting" with you. Still looking for something unique to go in Amelia's room. And taking the girls into an antique store, that's the real treat.

Anonymous said...

Your home is filled with wonderful little treasures! I haven't been to an antique store in a long time, but maybe it is time to start doing some of my own treaure hunting!

Trudy G. said...

I love the set up above your kitchen sink. I had to do a double take of the photo.

Sandy said...

What a clever thing to do with that chair! I would never have thought of that. Such lovely, lovely things.

Patty said...

This is the third cow I've seen so far on your blog and it's my favorite. I love her wheels! And, what you did with that chair is just great!