Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Future Bloggers

"Imoo" from Cow Parade (New York City, 2001) is the perfect cow for today because Abigail and Amelia, my youngest grand-daughters came over for a visit. They had a good time playing the computer alphabet game that Diane recommended. I could not resist the opportunity to take some pictures of them while they were so absorbed. It held their attention for quite a while, then we did some coloring, and some puzzles, and other fun stuff. We had a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Faith
Your granddaughters are beautiful. Look at their eyes and the wonder in their faces as they play on the computer. I'll have to check that out. My grandaughter Madeline turned 4 in July, maybe there is something there she would like to do also.

Aren't grandchildren precious? It sounds like you had a great time with them.

My Madeline is coming over tomorrow night for a visit. Nice.

Have a lovely evening.

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith, Your granddaughters are so beautiful! My happiest moments are spending time with my grandchildren too.