Saturday, August 9, 2008

How About a sMOOch on Saturday?

Cow Parade (New York City, 2000) presents "sMOOch." Seems like there is always a lot of kissing going on around here.

Of course, most of it doesn't get photographed.

I was pleased, as I looked back through all the old photos, to find some smooches that have been saved for all to enjoy.

I'm glad someone had a camera handy when Tim decided to take a break from lunch to give Kellie a big kiss.

Of course, everybody gets their picture taken kissing on their wedding day. Gina and Will took time for a smooch before they cut their wedding cake. The other picture of them is on December 25, 2003. I'll never forget the day he asked her to marry him and she said, "Yes."

While the whole pirate family was trying to pose for a photo, Captain George just couldn't wait to get another smooch from his wench, bride Kathy. Kathy is Bob's sister. She and George were married in Seattle in 2007.

These sweethearts are our friends, Kathy and Bill. We caught them smooching on the porch of our hotel on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We vacationed there with them in 2005.

You all know how much I love cruising. Bob loves me, so he goes along. I don't remember where we were going, but I'm sure we had a great time!

Nancy couldn't resist stealing a kiss from Larry on the gondola ride in Venice.

Couldn't help myself, I had to show this smooch. It's the first time Bob and I went to Disney together, around 1988, I think. Oh, we were so young. I can't believe I had those socks on. I really can't believe Bob had those shorts on. Great legs, though.

Finally, the crowning glory of my smooch collection: Mamaw and Papaw, my mother and father, smooching like the lovers they are. Talk about looking young. I think this was taken back in the early seventies.


Anonymous said...

beautifull kease!! i dont speak very good englesh, thanks for you answer!


Ky Woman said...

Who doesn't love "smooches"? Thanks for showing us your best ones....

gina said...

All the pictures are sweet but that picture of your parents is priceless. We won't talk about what I said right before I said "YES". hee hee hee. :)