Friday, August 8, 2008

Any Day Is A Good Day For A Strawberry

This berry nice Cow Parade (San Antonio, 2002) lady is known as "Strawberry Cow." She brings back great memories of Abigail's third birthday. Abby is four now, but I didn't know anything about blogging in the old days. It's always fun to relive good times!
Her mommy, Gina, baked a beautiful strawberry cake. It tasted just as good as it looked. Amelia is already sampling the frosting in this picture.

There was also a strawberry pinata filled with treats. Don't you just love the strawberry outfit?

I just had to include this baby picture of Abby. You can see she loved strawberries from almost the very beginning of her life. That's just tooo cute! God bless us all. You know I'll be smiling all day. You might as well, too.

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gina said...

I have never seen that picture of Abigail when she was a baby. So adorable. And yes, she has always loved strawberries. Cute post. ;)