Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another Way To Use A Ladder

This fine cow from Cow Parade (Mexico City, 2005) is called "Muuuu Travies." In some other language this means "much work," I think. She is showing us that painting is a lot of hard work. The lesson to be learned here is not to get a cow to help you paint, and if you do, don't let her walk under your ladder.

I have been watching a pair of doves build a nest on top of my neighbor's ladder this week. This morning I noticed the mother sitting on the nest. She very kindly let me snap this picture of her. The lesson here is don't leave your ladder leaning up against your house if you don't want the doves to nest there. Maybe that was the plan. My neighbor won't be doing any ladder work until the babies fly away. At least he better not!

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