Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pretty as a Peacock Outside the Castle Gate

There is a gorgeous park you walk through to get to the castle and these girls were walking their dog. We thought it was so cool to see an Irish Setter in Ireland, so we asked if we could take his picture. They surely didn't mind, but they said he was born in Poland. I said, "Okay, he's still an Irish Setter. We have Irish Setters in America as well." They said, "Yes, that's where his father came from." Small world, wouldn't you say?
This is called Malaride Castle. It is about ten miles north of Dublin. Here is Bob taking another picture for some tourists. I guess he looks friendly or something because people are always asking him to take their picture. It was exciting around here because there is an Eric Clapton concert in the castle field tomorrow night. They were busy setting everything up.

I was so excited to see this beautiful peacock. I think he was happy to see me, too. He spead out all his feathers and pranced around showing off for me. At first I was afraid to get too close because I didn't want him to fold up his feathers. He didn't seem to mind though and let me pose with him for a picture.

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gina said...

Assuming that dog is a girl, Guinness was checking her out and seems to be very interested. He's in to foreign chicks.

It's wild to think that those castles were so important to a country's defense hundreds of years ago. Now they're tourist attractions.

"That's a cool plant. I mean bird. It's really pretty." -Abigail