Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hanging Out Around Dublin

There are several bridges crossing this river that runs through Dublin. This one is called the Ha'Penny bridge because it used to cost half a penny to cross it. It is free to go across it now and it is very busy. We were lucky some tourists from California wanted Bob to take their picture, so we got our picture taken together.
Here I am waiting for the bus. I got so tired walking everywhere the first day in Dublin that Bob bought us a ticket so we could ride anywhere we wanted to all day long. It was great. Sometimes we stayed on the bus for half an hour and went all over the place. Sometimes we just got on for a couple of blocks. It was awesome, so we did it again today. See my shopping bag. In Ireland they don't give you bags for your stuff, so we bought one at a hardware store. Now I feel very Irish with my grocery in my hardware bag. There is grocery store very near our apartment, thank goodness!

This is Phoenix Park. It is twice as big as Central Park in NYC. There are supposed to be 500 deer running loose here. I guess it was too rainy for them today. It is truly a beautiful place. Ireland is very quaint, but it is also very metropolitan as well. Dublin is a happening place full of tons of people from all over the world.

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gina said...

Mom, these pictures remind me of the Traveler's commercial with the red unbrella everywhere. You are the woman of many umbrellas.

The park is beautiful and it's good to have the picture of you two together.

Keep having fun!