Friday, June 20, 2008

Kiss the Blarney Stone

Here I am kissing the famous Blarney stone. It was quite an experience. You have to stand in line for a long time, climb all the way to the top of an ancient castle, lay down, and finally reach your head back and down to kiss it. I haven't noticed any change in my life. I am already so lucky it's hard to imagine my life any better.
We went for a lovely ride in a carriage pulled by a big horse. We rode all around Killarney National Park. We saw a magical castle on a lake. I have a lot of pictures to show you.

Somewhere out there in the Ring of Kerry we stopped at a beach with mountains all around it. There were a lot of artists painting, so I pretended to pose for one. She thought it was funny!


gina said...

Do you wonder how many germs are on that Blarney Stone? A horse drawn carriage ride too, what fun. Can't wait to hear all the stories and see more pics. See you soon.

Kelli Harris Photography said...

A fellow kisser of the Blarney Stone here! I went in November a few years ago, and there were no lines. Looks like you had a fabulous time.