Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Favorite Family Foto: Ho! Ho! Ho!

Today is Friday, so it's time to post a favorite family photo. You can visit Deborah at Pictures, Pots, and Pens to see who's on the list for today.

"Father Cowristmas" from Cow Parade (West Hartford, Conneticut, 2003) is the cow of the day for this Friday.

This sweet cow is here to present an adorable baby picture of little ole ME. This vintage photo was taken in 1952 when I had just turned two years old.
Have a happy, fun-filled Friday! Love, Faith


Deborah said...

What a cow!...what a darling photo of you! I love the way the cow presented your photo this Friday.

I remember those little walker shoes that we and our little ones used to wear. Toddlers just don't wear them anymore. They were hard to keep white and new looking, but they were so cute.

Thank you for sharing this Friday,

Montee said...

What a sweet picture. You don't seem too sure about ol' Santa.

Like Deborah, I remember those walker shoes. My daughter had a pair but that's the last time I remember a little one wearing them. I remember my mama always having that white shoe polish to keep my little sister's shoes white.

Joy said...

Oh Faith, what a pretty little girl you were! That little expression seems to say that you were slightly concerned about sitting on Santa's lap. :o)

splummer said...

Wonderful Photo of you with Santa. I like the cow. Thanks for sharing.


ann said...

i'm one yr't you so cute.i wish i had something like this...ann

Smilingsal said...

I wish that you had not revealed your age because now I know that I'm older!

Claudie said...

Dear Grandma Faith
What a cu-tie pie. I love this photo.
You amaze me with these cows every single time.
Have a wonderful long weekend my friend.
Claudie from Canada
P.S. I do not use my blogger account. I just noticed I had 18 messages over there. Yours was one of them back in Oct.
Now you know to go to

storyteller said...

Love the Christmas Cow and how fun to see the 'vintage' photo of YOU! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs and blessings,

Dawn said...

What a treasure that photo is! You look like a little doll!!!!

I have to admit I have never seen a cow with a beard like that before. :) You have quite a fun collection!

take care,

kari and kijsa said...

This is too cute! We have a fun giveaway of a target gift card today with the AHA for go red! A little early Christmas gift!

kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

How cute! I don't have any pictures of myself with Santa because I was one of those kids who started crying and was too scared of him. LOL