Friday, November 14, 2008

Chicago's Billy Goat Tavern

I had a good time last week with my friends in Chicago. I do have some pictures and the very first video I have ever downloaded to show you. (If you enjoy reading about this experience, you can go back a little way and see more of the trip to Chicago.)

Here we are in the awesome paper hats we received when we butted in to the Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago!

Here is the video I took in this famous establishment. (If you want to watch the short video, please put Frank Sinatra's beautiful singing on pause for a jiffy.) The tavern is on lower Michigan Avenue, and it is worth finding. We had cheeseburgers, chips, and cokes there for lunch on Sunday. We were reminded of the Saturday Night Live Skit starring John Belushi that put this colorful tavern on the map. If you're ever in Chicago, look it up!


Gattina said...

That certainly was fun !
I have been twice in Chicago and loved the city for its architecture !

Dianne said...

I loved that SNL sketch-ha! You got to see it in person. Great photos!! Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

Mrs. Miles said...

Oh you make me want to GO to Chicago!

I probably never will have the opportunity so I'm glad you took us along with you.

Carrie said...

Looks like your group really had a fun time!

Melinda said...

That look slike os much fun!

Linda C said...

We live 3 hours from Chicago, but never really get down there.
Enjoyed your pictures though!
Linda C

Melissa Wertz said...

fun fun post! I can smell those burgers. Yum!

Carla said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing:)