Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mamaw!

Today is my mother's birthday. She was born on October 20, 1926, so she is 82 years old today. Her name is Grace, and she is a wonderful person. She has always been and continues to be a dynamic individual! I just wish I could tell you everything there is to know about her, but it would take too long for one blog post. Now that I am a grandmother, I realize how important it is to tell your grandchildren about their "people."

So, trust me, I'm going to be getting more information from my mother while she is still here on earth to tell me. I'm just lucky she has a good memory. The hard part will be that she is very humble about her accomplishments. I have selected a few pictures that I hope you will find interesting and entertaining to help me celebrate my mother's birthday.

She was about 11 years old in the first picture, so about 1937. Mamaw has lots of stories about growing up during the depression. The next one was taken back when I was a little girl in the early 50's. Mama was always very busy with her family, teaching school, and continuing to go to school herself.

This picture is in 1968, when Mamaw received her Master's Degree. She went on to earn her Doctorate from Florida State University in 1979. She's not just beautiful, she's also real smart! I added the last picture because I remember how excited Mama was to meet Captain Kangaroo. She was at Notre Dame University for a conference and he was there, too. (If you don't know who this is you can google him and find out all about one of my favorite television characters as a little girl.)

God Bless You, Mama. We all love you so much!
Happy Birthday!


Smilingsal said...

Happy Birthday to one special lady.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from the eastern part of Finland to this wonderful lady!
My mother has died and I can give one advise, keep asking, asking and again asking her memories.
I could have so many things now, which I would like to ask - to late.

My best wishes to both of you!

Charmingdesigns said...

Happy birthday to a wonderful lady.Laurie

Sweetie said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful mother! She certainly is an accomplished woman. She must have worked very hard in her educational endeavors. How nice that she was fortunate enough to meet Captain Kangaroo!

Shelia said...

Happy Birthday Mama!! What sweet pictures of your mama! She has lived a very active life - good for her. She met Captain Kangaroo!!?? Oh, I grew up watching his show - I just loved him so much. Thanks for coming to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Knitty said...

Happy Birthday! I would have loved to have met Captain Kangaroo.

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Faith,

Happy Blue Monday and a Happy Birthday to your sweet mother. She sounds like and amazing lady.

Love the picture you shared from your Walt Disney trip. You look so sweet standing next to Donald Duck. What a fun trip you must have had.

Have a great week!!

salmagundi said...

Congratulations to your mother!! How special she must be. Thanks for checking out my Blue Monday post. Sally

Dawn said...

A very happy birthday wish is coming her way from me!!! I can tell how very proud you are of her!

Oh, and yes I remember Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans. :) :)

take care,

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Faith,
This is a beautiful tribute to your wonderful mother!

It is amazing that she has so much education...not many women of her generation were that ambitious!

Happy Birthday to Grace!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Wishing a "happy birthday " to Grace..Your mom and you look so much alike as I do to my mom...My mom will be 87 in December...thanks for sharing her with us .hugs, Baba

Beverly said...

Many wishes for a very happy birthday to your mother. She is an amazing lady, and we all should be proud of her accomplishments. She seems to be an example to all.

I've missed you, and I hope you are doing well.

Neabear said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady. She accomplished so much. That is so awesome and admirable. How cool she got to meet Caption Kangaroo. I remember him. Some of his shows were on even when my kids were little.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Tell your mom Happy Birthday. What a smart lady . Ah yes Captain Kangaroo, watched him everyday, hehehehe .
Come back and see me again.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Grace!
Those are lovely pictures and the post about your mother is very special. It sounds like you have a lovely relationship between the two of you. The picture at the top of your mom and you is very precious. You look so much like your mom in that picture.

I hope it was a very special birthday for her.

Terry said...

Dear Grandma Faith.
I just came here to read your Ruby Tuesday and thank you for visiting me, and I just had to scan down a little and stopped when I saw this post about your dear Mamaw,
What a cute name!
I want to wish her Happy Birthday one day late! Birthdays are sooooo special, eh?
Dad Golden will be turning 82 November 12 and I just hope that I can make him a nice spread like you did for your Mamaw.
She looks like such a little sweetheart. Usually when I see a little lady like that in a line at the grocery store, me being as big as I am, I always tell her that I am going to put her into my pocket and take her home!
Grace, her name means a blessing and I just bet that she is a blessing to your whole family and your extended family!

Yes, you should get all the information you can from your Mamaw.
Family history and the cute stories and the joys and sadness in the life are so precious and must be passed down from generation to generation!
"Tell your children and your children's children!"

YOU do not look like a grandma! I think that your kids must of kept you young!
And now the grandchildren are taking over the job of keeping you young!
The pictures that you chose are just fabulous.
You know Grandma Faith, I still think that all the modern day cameras do not come close to the old Browny 620 cameras that took black and white pictures!

Thanks for visiting and God bless you and your Mamaw and your WHOLE family!.........Love Terry

Terry said...

PS I just loved Captain Kangeroo too!
We grew up watching that guy!!!
Ha!! Mr Green Jeans and the whole bunch of them.
Lorne Green, [Pa from Bonanza] used to be on that show Terry

bj said...

What an absolutely beautiful woman your mom is.Pls. tell her Happy Birthday from me.... You are so very blessed to still have her. And, you are very smart to search out all the family info. from her that you can. I did the same with my mom and I try to tell my children things about our family, as well.
OH...and I DO know who Capt. Kangaroo is!! hahaha