Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Favorite Family Foto: Family at Disney World

Welcome to my contribution for Friday Favorite Family Foto. We were on vacation just last week, so this photo is hot off the digital camera. I managed to round up all the members of the family for this shot. We all had a wonderful time in Disney World, and tons of pictures were taken. You know how I am, though, I needed at least one shot of the whole group together for the blog. Thanks everybody...Now SMILE!
You can find a list of other bloggers participating in Friday Favorite Family Foto on Deborah's blog "Pictures, Pot, and Pens."


Smilingsal said...

Great looking bunch.

Did I tell you yet? I'm sharing some awards; stop by.

Pink Slippers said...

So great that everyone was in it.
Everyone looks great.

Jennifer said...

Great pic! You are so blessed to have such a great group of family.

Kate said...

Smashing photo Faith, lots of lovely smiley faces... Cheers from Scotland - Kate x.

p.s. I don't suppose you could take me in you case next time you go hehehe.. though how on earth I would fit into your case Heaven knows! Byeee..

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith
Thats a really lovely picture. There are so many of you, a nice big happy family. Wow I don't know how you kept up with each other and no one got lost? *s*. I'm sure there was a plan in place.

thank you for sharing.
Have a lovely weekend.

splummer said...

Great family photo!! How in the world did you get everyone to stand still long enough for a photo? Take Care!!


Schotzy said...

Wow, what a foto! The whole gang,, huh!?! That is terrific!! What fun you must have had!

Claudie said...

Oh I would love to be in Disney right now with my family.
The weather is cold and the snow will fly soon.
Stay warm.
Love Claudie

Anonymous said...

What a great picture. I've only been to Disney World once. I really enjoyed it - especially Epcot. I've been to Disneyland more times than I can count. We lived close to it for years and anytime we had company we took them there and of course went lots of time when we didn't have company too.
Have a great weekend.

Joy said...

Faith, those big group pictures are the best. :o)

Anonymous said...

Great picture! Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday!

Jeanne said...

Faith, Your family photo is a treasure. I am sure they loved every minute of being together. I'm like you, my family together is a special event in itself. then add Disney and WOW. a blast.


Montee said...

Disney is the best, especially with all of the family. A lot of special memories.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that your whole family got to have a super fun vacation together! Great family photo!