Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Red Gladiolus

I have discovered another great color game for bloggers. It is called Ruby Tuesday, and it's hosted on Work of the Poet. You can meet other friendly bloggers who are radiating redness.
I am presenting my gorgeous red gladiolus for Ruby Tuesday. They are shown here in a fabulous marble vase. On the nightstand, beside the vase, you can see a wonderful portrait of my grand daughters, Abigail and Amelia. They are so cute dressed up in their overall jumpers. This is the last picture I see every night before I turn off the light. If this doesn't give you sweet dreams, I don't know what could.

I am also asking for advice about Chicago. My girlfriends and I are going to Chicago in November while our husbands are at a gun show in Oklahoma. What do we need to be sure we see and do in Chicago? We will be there for four days. We're looking on the Internet, but I thought there might be places off the beaten path we would enjoy as well. Any advice about Chicago would be appreciated. Thanks for your comments. Here is our picture when we were vsiting Natchez, Mississippi. We always have so much fun on our trips together. Life is so FABULOUS!


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Faith, Thanks for joining Ruby Tuesday... my mom loves this flower and when my dad was alive , he would give mom "glads" all of the time...This is her favorite flower... Your wallpaper border looks a lot like mine with roses...That is a sweet picture of your granddaughters by your bed..
have a good day, Baba

Askew To You said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday to you!

Your glads look lovely, as do your grand gals. :D

I have no Chicago advice, as I have never been there, but I do wish you and your girls a wonderful, exciting trip.


Susan said...

Beautiful flowers, thanks for stopping by ! Hope to see you around again ! www.lifeinahouseofblue.blogspot.com

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Glads were always my mother's favorite flower.She had a garden full of them,of all colors,and was always sharing them with friends and neighbors.
Nice pcture!And so sweet to see the g'kids before you drift off.
Go see Oprah while in Chicago!

~Just Me~ said...

Beautiful flowers. Happy RT!

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith, Very pretty flower. when I was in chicago I really enjoyed the art institute and science institute. Any where you go with girl friends should be fun.

Jenty said...

What pretty flowers, and a beautiful photo to look at before going to sleep :)

Linda said...

Your flowers are lovely. I also love that marble vase! Looking at the grandbabies faces before going to sleep is the best!!

I've been to Chicago but was in meetings most of the time. I do remember the good food, but that is what I say about most cities. Have a great time.

Raven said...

Beautiful flowers to accent your beautiful grandchildren. How wonderful to have a group of friends to travel with like that. Hope you have a great trip.

Dianne said...

Lovely photo

Here's what I enjoyed about Chicago:

all the ethnic neighborhoods, they kind of blend into each other
I think it's Miracle Mile - it's like NYs 5th Avenue
The park along the river
Wrigley Field
The Aquarium

and the jazz clubs at night!

have fun!!
Chicago is a great town

ellen b. said...

Wonderful red gladiolus! The photo of your grand daughters is sweet. We really enjoyed the art museum in Chicago. Deep Dish Pizza. My sister really enjoyed the architectural tour by boat that is suppose to be great. The ethnic areas of Chicago are great for food and shopping if you are the adventurous types. :0)

Anonymous said...

Great red flowers you've got for Ruby Tuesday :)

The Mumma said...

Those two little girls are lovely!

Jim said...

Hi G. Faith, welcome to RRtU! It is a lot of fun and besides we get to meet a lot of different bloggers (sometimes it almost overwhelms, the # of them).
Of course you got a way to work a couple of grandkids in! Wow!
Thank you for peeking in on my blog and for leaving your nice comment, I have fun with it.
We may return to Italy as both of us really like it.

About Chicago, get your husband's gun. He won't need it at the gun show over in Oklahoma but you might on the streets of Chicago. :-)
I went in the Spring, they had a wonderful food fair in the park. It was huge!

Anonymous said...

Great gladiolus.

Felisol said...

Dear Faith,
a lovely meeting with your enlarged family.
People with an open mind and heart get lots and lots of relatives.
There are only too many who don't have any close relationships in this too cold world.
Your life seems to be full of people and ruby colors.
Have a god time in Chicago.
From Felisol

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Faith,
I haven't been to Chicago, but love Natchez!
That's a great picture of you all...looks like a fun group.

Thanks for posting about Ruby Tuesday...I'll check it out!

me ann my camera said...

Your glads are very beautiful. That is a flower that I haven't seen for years. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Kerri said...

The flowers are beautiful! What a wonderful way to end the day, seeing your granddaughters each night.
Glad you joined Ruby Tuesday!

Leora said...

Love your gladiolas.

I've never been to Chicago, but I would marvel at the architecture. Some of America's finest architects have built in Chicago.

CIELO said...

Beautiful family! Enjoy life!


Anonymous said...

Hi Faith
I hope you get some good ideas for your visit to Chicago...hmmm..you could go watch the Oprah show filming...thats about all I know.

Love glads...one of my favourite flowers. You have a lovely picture that must bring you smiles every night before you go to sleep.

It looks like you had great fun on your last trip. Enjoy again.


MARIA said...

Dear Faith,
I'd like to Thank You for your sweet visit and birthday's vishes.
Thank you for acceptance InterneTional Friends Award.

You have a beautiful family
and beautiful blog.

My sincere greetings
from Poland

pammiejo said...

Oh, I think you're right, Faith. We have bunches in common. I will begin to check on you regularly. I enjoyed looking through your blog. You are to be congratulated on handling the blended family so well! Thanks for leaving me a message! PAM

pammiejo said...

OH - I forgot. I would go visit Oak Park - you can see the Frank Lloyd Wright homes he built. I read LOVING FRANK and it stimulated my curiousity. Have fun in Chicago! PAM

gina said...

I love that picture of my girls. As for your girls, I know that picture is from a few years ago!