Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Relatives Up For Some Mexican Food

This lovely couple, "Toro and Vaca Folklorico" from Cow Parade (San Antonio, 2003) were happy to welcome our relatives from Ocala, Florida, for Labor Day Mexican style. It was still too messy outside for a cookout, so we all headed on down to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner and a good time of visiting.
We were all glad our family could get together.
Lawrence sure was happy to see Uncle Joe and Aunt Linda.

Joey and his girlfriend, April, came with Joe and Linda. Joey hinted that perhaps we would be invited to special occasion in the future. They do make a great looking couple. Speaking of great looking couples, Jay and Kathy were also there to visit with the folks from Ocala.

Of course the kids all had a wonderful time. Thank goodness they put us in the backroom so we would not disturb the other customers.

Macie and Amelia


Connor and Colton

There were other members of the family present who managed to avoid the camera. I don't know why they're scared to let me take their picture.
In closing, I'll post this picture of Bob and Tim. They look like bouncers, don't they? There was some muscle flexing going on. With Joey and Connor both growing up so tall and strong, I guess, a man's got to strut what a man's got to strut!


Ky Woman said...

Spending time with family is what's called "the best of times"

Sandy said...

I am so delighted that you stopped by my spot! I'm going to have to read your whole blog. It looks great!

Debra said...

Hi there, Thankyou for stopping by, I am so thrilled that your going on a cruise, I would love to go on a cruise, oh well one day maybe. I hope you are being spared the strong winds etc I see it has been down graded, we here in Australia are keptverey well up to date with what is going on over there you know. Cheers Debra.