Monday, September 8, 2008

"Puzzled Cow" Joins Blue Monday Fun

"Puzzled Cow," Cow Parade (New York City, 2001) wants everyone to have a Happy Blue Monday. Here's hoping none of us face any puzzles we can't solve.

Here is a beautiful blue puzzle I assembled just for Blue Monday. Now that I am a rabid blogger I don't have as much time for building puzzles as I used to, but I think that is a good thing.

This puzzle reminds me of all the fun I had swimming with the manatees in Crystal River, Florida. I have been twice, and I think maybe we'll need to go again, as soon as Abigail and Amelia are old enough to enjoy it.
Have a Happy Blue Monday!
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Smilingsal said...

What an amazing Blue Monday post! My husband and I went to the Cow Parade when it was introduced in Chicago in 1999. I have a post read for a couple of weeks from now with some information on it about that.

I just love this idea of blue puzzles!

Anonymous said...

I knew you would have a little cow to show us. I think he is so cute. What a great idea to post puzzles.

artis1111 said...

I love the COW!!! Happy Blye Monday. Kathy

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

What fun that would be , swimming with the manatees!

Mae said...

I was over at curly corner's and invited me here. It's very nice here.

ellen b. said...

What a very fun blue Monday you put together for us! I love puzzles, too.

bj said...

GREAT Blue Monday post..I really loved seeing that cow!!
love, bj

Dawn said...

Wow, I haven't done a puzzle in years. Your's looks great! I like the cow and the underwater scene.

Happy Blue MOnday

take care,

Brown-Eyes said...

Hello...nice to meet you and thanks for the nice comments on my post. It speaks volumes about you if your ex's son gets to love you as his grandma! My husband of 39 years and I spend ALL holidays with my ex's family...whether he is present or not...long story...
;-) Bo

Shelia said...

Those are some gorgeous puzzles. I used to love to work puzzles and couldn't wait til I had finished one to start another. Alas, as a blogger now ~ blogging takes up my time and I love it!
Happy Blue Monday.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Beverly said...

That was so creative and fun. Thanks for giving me a smile.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your Blue Monday post! :-) You are so creative! How fun!

Elizabeth said...

What a cool idea to spell it out w/ the puzzle pieces!
I, too have been doing less of other hobbies now that I am blogging. Have a great week!

Llyn M said...

Happy Blue Monday!

Anonymous said...

I love your Blue Monday pictures and puzzles!! Your puzzles are amazing and imagine you putting one together just for Blue Monday.
I used to do puzzles too and found it so relaxing. We would have it set up on a table and it would be a gathering place when someone would sit down to put in some of the puzzle.
Thank you for sharing...lovely.
Thank you for visiting my blog too!
Hope you had a lovely day.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Faith,
Manatees have always been intriquing to me! Love your blue monday post!

Lana G! said...

Great Blue Monday post! The cow is great!

Magnolia Memories08 said...

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