Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pink Saturday: Precious Pink Sweater

Pink Saturday is a special day in blogland. You can see what all the fun is about and join in if you want to. Check it out right here on this blog:
You'll be glad you did!

This picture takes me back to 1954, when Olin Mills photographed at least half the children in America. (I really don't know if that is a fact or not, but it might be.) My mother saw fit to go there for a portrait of her darling daughter, Faith (me). It is not really a color picture, it's just been tinted to look like a color picture. Nonetheless, I do have on a precious PINK sweater, and I'm sure my cheeks really were a rosy PINK.

I am so happy when I look at this picture of myself. It does my heart good to see that my grandchildren favor me a little. They like to see Grandma when she was a little girl, too.

It seems the older I get, the more I feel like that little girl again, happy and carefree. It's a feeling I like to call, "In The PINK." Life is always full of promise, no matter how many years you have already lived, four or fifty-seven.

Have A Happy Pink Saturday!


Katie said...

Happy Pink Saturday. Love that photo, so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Such a wise post !
And you look just beautiful and happy.
I have four granddaughters and a grandson, I am going tomorrow again to visit them to the southern part of Finland.
Have a happy weekend !

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Faith.

My mother has pictures of me like that, too. It is so nice to have them as treasures.

You made me have to stop and think about my age. Is that a sign?

Anonymous said...

How cute are you! :-) I love that tinted look. Now in today's world, people purposely use photoshop to get that great soft look. Here's to living "in the pink!"

Have a great weekend!

Miss Rhea said...

Awe, I hope you are In The Pink all the days of your life !! :) That photo is adorable !! :) Happy Pink Saturday !!

Pink Slippers said...

I think that wins for my favorite PINK Saturday post. I have a picture like that of my hubby when he was little. And I just love it. I wish you could take new pictures and make them old like that now. Happy PINK Saturday!!!! Wendy

Brown-Eyes said...

Hi Faith...I enjoyed seeing the darling little pink picture of you!
Those were carefree times, weren't they?...Happy weekend... ;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture of you! You look so cute and so happy and i'm glad it makes you it should!

Good for you for feeling younger and happier as the years pass. You know, we're ONLY as old as we feel. I like to feel that way too. Sometimes we just age "gracefully" on the outside, the inside doesn't have to right?

Have a love weekend. Enjoy.

Smilingsal said...

I am one of the few who was NOT photographed by Olin Mills, so I don't have something like this. (sigh)

Happy Pink Saturday! Come visit.

Virginia said...

So sweet, what pleasure it's to look at old pictures and live over again those happy moments in our life. The memory is like a treasure box, we can dicide what we put in them.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia


Happy Pink Saturday!

What a fantastic PINK photo!

~ Gabriela ~

PA Fiber Artist said...

Happy Pink Saturday! My sister Karen from introduced me to Pink Saturday and today is my first day participating.

Your pink post today is nice and I like your blog.

Thank you.

suesueb said...

this is a darling picture! happy pink week!!

vintagewindow said...

Happy Pink Saturday. You look so cute in he photo, I'm sure you haven't changed a bit. :)


Anne Fannie said...

Hello Faith, I just love that precious picture of you as a little girl. Its fun to show pictures like that to your Grand children so that they know you were once a little girl too!
Love, Ann

Patricia said...

What a lovely post this week. You made me smile. Your portrait is beautiful. Have a wonderful day.

Protector of Vintage said...

Thank you for sharing that sweet photo of yourself! Take care~

bj said...

Such a sweet PINK POST ! I loved it.
Sorry to be late many PINKS and not nearly enuf time!!
Oh, I remember Olan Mills so well. I have lots of photos of my kids taken by them.
My grandkids love to see MEMAW as a little or young girl, too. They always say, "that looks just like mommy" so that means BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER and I look alike. I know for a fact, tho, that I was NEVER as pretty as SHE is!!!!!!!

Dee Light said...

Oh I just love that!! You look soooo cute!!

Nerissa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog for pink saturday :) Your picture is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love the Alaskan pictures above. It's wonderful to meet new bloggers :)
Have a good week

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

Glad to know we get more carefree as the years pass by...I'm still waiting for that feeling! (LOL) Great how they used to tint the pics. :-) Susan

roseylittlethings said...

Thanks for stopping by for pink Saturday! Love the photo, so adorable.