Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Early Show" All Day Long

I received some Gustav pictures from my friend Susie who lives in Mississippi.
I was looking at the cows to see who could be the cow-of-the-day.
(I am saving the pink ones for Saturdays and the blue ones for Mondays.)
As I was trying to decide on a cow, my stomach started growling, so I looked at the clock.
It's 1:24 PM.
I have been checking e-mail and reading blogs since...I don't know what time.
I did work on a puzzle and watch some TV and talk on the phone.
I don't know where this day has gone.
Anyway, I am still in my nightshirt.
There it is, the truth about retirement.
If you don't want to get dressed, you don't have to.
I do have to pick up my grand-daughter, Macie, from volleyball practice at 4:00, so I guess I better get my act together by then.
Anyhow, I decided "Early Show" from Cow Parade (New York City, 2001) should be my choice for today.
My son, William and his wife, Gina, want to go to Biloxi this weekend. He has called the casino, and they say they will be open. Speedy recovery, I would say.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those were amazing pictures. I just pray everyone remains safe.
I love your cows. I look forward to seeing them. They make me smile.
I know what you mean about retirement. It's such a different world for me. I used to be very organized but not any more. I have a lot more fun these days then when I was working.

gina said...

Is it not normal to still be in jammies at 2:00 in the afternoon? Shoot. :)

Elizabeth said...

I, too am home all day, not exactly retired, but I will get on the computer and time will just be gone! The world of blogging is like another universe or a time warp, isn't it?!