Friday, July 18, 2008

"Moodallion" Memory

I have flown on airplanes many times in my life but "Platinum Moodallion" from the Cow Parade (Atlanta, 2003) reminds me of the most fun I ever had on a flight.
We flew first class on Delta to Rome in the summer of 2005. That was the only way to fly!

Sleeping in first class is not a problem because your chair goes all the way back and your feet go all the way up.

Macie and Colton loved the flight.

Tim and Connor had a great time. We all watched movies and played games. The steward staff treated us like royalty.

Kellie and Nancy look very comfortable.

That's Bob in the seat behind Kellie. He was so relaxed on the flight he slept through breakfast.

Lawrence and Papa enjoyed themselves as well.
We were served so much good food.

There was also plenty to drink, and I do mean drink. Did I mention how relaxed Bob was on the flight?

Another memory from Cow Parade Atlanta in 2003. This cow makes my memories fly.

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