Monday, July 21, 2008

Coliseum in Rome

"Gladiator Cow" from Cow Parade (Kansas City, 2001) reminds me of a day in the summer of 2005. We all visited the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.
There were some actors dressed up as gladiators. They were taking this young lady away. I don't know who on earth she was, but I hope she learned her lesson: Don't go wearing a thong to the Coliseum if you don't want to attract attention!

Kellie and Macie had a wonderful time walking around the ruins. There was a lot of work in progress to help preserve the old structures.

Lawrence and Tim enjoyed looking at everything there was to see.

Of course, I had a magnificent time site-seeing with Bob.

Bob had a great time taking pictures of art and buildings and sculptures and hundreds of other things that he thought were remarkable (like the girl in the thong.)

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